Badass Biddy Tank
Badass Biddy Tank

Badass Biddy Tank

$ 30.00

Fellow island business owner Laura Serino of Island Apothecary and Claire Donnelly co-founder of this very business have joined forces to bring you the Badass Biddy line.

Be a Badass Biddy

Now more than ever, we gotta let that badassery shine!

Stand Up  I Speak Out  I  Join a Book Club  I Join a Girl Gang  I  Chop Your Hair  I  Chop Some Wood  I Be a Boss  I Run the World  I Make a Baby  I  Make a Business  I  Make a Bloody Mary  I Embrace Your Booty  I Row a Boat  I Run a Race  I Fly Your Freak Flag  I Fly a Pride Flag  I Grow Something  I Fight for Rights  I Harness Your Power  I  Sew a Dress  I  Sow Your Oats  I Watch the Wage Gap  I Ignore the Thigh Gap  I  Be a Badass

Whatever it is that makes you a bonafide badass biddy, wear the shirt to prove it. And show us how you live as a #badassbiddy on Instagram.


Printed on Alternative Apparel

Material: 100% Cotton

Care: Machine wash cold, tumble dry low